The Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice™ Awards

In 1999, the report Building on Strength: Improving Governance and Accountability in Canada's Voluntary Sector challenged Canada's charitable sector to recast accountability and governance as the foundation for growth and as tools for effective management and stewardship, rather than as problems that must be addressed because of external complaints.

The Report further recognized that "governance entails the processes and structures that an organization uses to direct and manage its general operations and program activities." The attraction, engagement, development and retention of talent has been identified as one of the key success factors for Canada's charitable sector.

2015 was the first year of the NEOC Awards program

The Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice™ Awards (NEOC) recognizes charitable organizations who have committed themselves to become better managers of both financial and human resources.

Candidates for the NEOC award are those nonprofits whose people leadership and vision translate into exemplary talent management practices, supporting successful mission delivery in the communities they serve.

"The sector is capable of competing for the skills and talent it needs. To compete, organizations need to remain current with: their labour market competitors, the reasons why people are or would be drawn to sector employment and how to build workplaces that respond to labour force needs."
- Stepping Stones: Envisioning what's next for building talent, Community Foundations of Canada, 2015.

In celebrating the early adopters of best practice governance strategies, the NEOC Awards will also help establish a body of knowledge that will further advance and strengthen nonprofit employment practices in this country.

2016 NEOC award recipients will be announced in February, 2017.