In the late 1990s the pressing need for review and reform of corporate governance practices raised a parallel concern in Canada's voluntary sector. In response, The Voluntary Sector Roundtable recruited the Broadbent Panel to take an independent look at the sector and produce recommendations for strengthening its governance and improving its accountability.

Canadian Charitable Sector Timeline

In its final version, the Broadbent Report Building on Strength, Improving Governance and Accountability in Canada's Voluntary Sector, 1999 challenged Canada's voluntary sector to recast accountability and governance as the foundation for growth and as tools for effective management and stewardship. One aspect of good governance, a shared responsibility of both the Board and staff, is the effective management of human resources.

Building talent for the nonprofit sector

Today the conversation continues. In the spring of 2015, the HR Council, Community Foundations of Canada and the Ontario Trillium Foundation hosted two conversations to explore how best to support talent in the nonprofit sector. The focus was the talent at work today, and the talent that is needed for strong, vibrant and healthy communities tomorrow. Twelve themes were identified as needing focused attention in the paper, Stepping Stones: Envisioning what's next for building talent.

"A healthy and sustainable voluntary and nonprofit sector depends on a human resource strategy that helps stakeholders to successfully build a skilled and committed and stable labour force."
- Toward a Labour Force Strategy for Canada's voluntary & Non-profit Sector

Canada's nonprofit and voluntary sector is among the largest in the world. Over 2 million Canadians work in an estimated 170,000 charitable and nonprofit sector organizations (85,000 registered charities) that generate about 8.1% of Canada's total GDP.

Canadians working in nonprofit sector

At the same time, the nonprofit sector faces increasing pressure to grow from its volunteer origins into a sector that values, recognizes and cultivates professionalism in enterprise business practices, including staff management and development.


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