Hilborn Charity eNews features 2018 NEOC Award Winners:

Case Study | Chilliwack Society for Community Living Welcoming and Inclusive

Case Study | How NEOC Winner CMHA-YR keeps their employees healthy and happy while doing emotionally challenging work

Case Study | Deserving Alberta NEOC winner fills a crucial community role by striving for organizational excellence

Case Study | Serving people in great need, 2018 NEOC Winner LOFT Community Services offers unwavering support to its clients by offering the same to its staff

Case Study | How NEOC Winner UNICEF fosters a culture of employee trust, caring and respect

Imagine the Impact - Research paper, The Medalist Group June 2019

Attract, Engage, Retain, Inspire: How to Become a Better Employer
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Invest in Staff Values to Strengthen Workplace Culture and Productivity - November, 2018

NEW!! - 2016 NEOC White Paper: Employee morale and retention in the nonprofit sector

Trends and Forces Reshaping Nonprofit Organizations - Spring, 2017

The Key to Motivating Nonprofit Employees  - Dec, 2016

4 Myths about Young People and Nonprofit Work - Aug, 2016

4 Steps to Take Towards a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace - April, 2016 

Advisory boards and effective decision-making in a complex world - Dec, 2015

Change Work: Valuing decent work in the not-for-profit sector - Mowat Centre

Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey - 2015.

Panel on Accountability and Governance in the Voluntary Sector , February, 1999
Building on Strength: Improving Governance and Accountability in Canada's Voluntary Sector,

Stepping Stones: Envisioning what's next for building talent, Community Foundations of Canada, 2015. 

Ontario Trillium Foundation,, and Community Foundations of Canada.

The Talent Development Issue - Philanthropic Trends Quarterly 2015, KCI



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