Employee Wellness Survey

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. Now more than ever, we need to maintain a strong connection with our employees to support them through this difficult period.  We would like to help. To that end, we are offering a special Employee Wellness Survey service.

As we are learning to navigate the changes to our new work / life environment, the COVID-19 Employee Wellness Pulse survey will help you understand the unique challenges your employees are facing working remotely, and what their fears and concerns are transitioning back to the workplace. This survey will provide valuable information so that you can help your employees better manage these challenges.

The survey consists of 4 closed-ended questions and one open-ended, focusing on 5 actionable items:

  • at-home workspace
  • financial support
  • daily routine
  • staying connected
  • work / life balance

This is an anonymous survey which takes 3 – 4 minutes to complete. No names are collected and no individual responses are provided back to the employer.

We will provide a detailed report including comments and easy-to-read graphical data for making timely decisions. The report will give you additional insights from your workforce so you can provide the best leadership and support possible. We can also customize this survey depending on your needs.

We hope this survey helps in your efforts to create a better workplace for your employees.

Contact Mary Singleton for more information or to arrange for your survey.