The NEOC Program

The NEOC Program

The Assessment

The NEOC assessment process is an effective, time-sensitive methodology that quickly determines your organization’s status as a Nonprofit Employer of Choice.

The assessment is a two-step process:
Step One: Fill in the Organizational Profile;
Step Two: Complete the Employee Commitment Survey.

Organizational Profile

The Organizational Profile is a document used to collect detailed information on nonprofit leadership attributes and human resources policies, practices and procedures. This portion of the assessment accounts for 50% of the overall evaluation score. The Organizational Profile is provided by the nonprofit’s senior management once the application has been received and approved.

Employee Commitment Survey

The Employee Commitment Survey is an on-line (or paper-based) measurement tool that determines how employees feel about their workplace. There are 45 statements, 10 demographic questions and 2 open-ended questions. The survey accounts for the remaining 50% of the evaluation score.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey. Each participating nonprofit will receive a list of employee pass codes used to access and complete the survey.

A minimum percentage of employees is required to complete the survey, the percentage is based on the number of employees at the nonprofit:

Number of Full Time Employees

Percentage Required to Complete Survey











Pass codes will be provided once the survey schedule has been finalized. All surveys are anonymous and no individual survey data is provided back to the participating organization. Surveys are accessible through any desktop or mobile device.

There is a small processing and handling fee required for paper surveys. Please contact Mary Singleton, Manager, NEOC Awards Program at for pricing and more information.

Within 30 days of completion of both the Organizational Profile and the required minimum number of Employee Commitment Surveys, we will complete the assessment and notify participating organizations of their results.


Applications Close: October 31, 2021

"The NEOC program could positively impact on a growing number of nonprofit sector challenges: attracting and retaining great employees, building staff morale, creating a more committed work force and building a successful brand." - Marcel Lauzière, President & CEO, Lawson Foundation